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George holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical psychology but he is not a registered Psychologist and is not eligible for most insurance programs.  George practices as a counselor or therapist.

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Core Issues

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How to Deal with Core Issues

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Definition of Core Issues

If the locus of personality patterns is the heart (emotional brain) then when there is deep trouble with emotional growth, social maturity and ability to bond to others we might put the locus as the human spirit.

While problem with the personality patterns is associated with a strong need for relationship with some ambivalence or resistance, core issues are associated with a strong need for relationship that has been blocked by processes of detachment from others and dissociation from one's emotions.

Do you experience 'core issues' of the type that I refer to?  If so you may identify with some of the following statements:

1. I feel that "something is missing" in their life.

2. I feel cut off from others as if a glass wall was in between them and others.

3. My life has been one big experience of loneliness.

4. I have trouble experiencing love or believing that I am loved.

5. I try hard to please others in order to feel loved.

6. I become depressed easily with little energy to move ahead in life.

7. I get sick easily and it takes a long time to get over a cold or flu. 

8. I have had thoughts of or attempted suicide.

9. I feel cut off from God.

10. So often my close relationships break down.

11. I often feel like in little child within an adult body.

12. I do not do well with too much responsibility.

13. It helps me to have clear rules is I know what is the expected behaviour in every situation.

For more of my writing on this see:
Core Issues - Part 2, 
Severe emotional problems and the human spirit.

Going Deeper in other sources: For more about the human spirit read Watchman Knee "Releasing the Human Spirit," John and Paula Sandford, "Healing the Wounded Spirit" especially their chapters on "Functions of the Human Spirit", "The Slumbering Spirit" and "the Captive Spirit."

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