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HML 101; Counselling Session Component 5 - Jesus Proclamation

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Jesus "Help!"  Prayer 

You need to make a transition from talk therapy to prayer therapy.  You need to bring things to God so that He can "Heal My Life." If possible you have a focus for the prayer therapy.  In Life Transformation Therapy the chosen focus will often be an identity issue. The focus is where the client wants the healing to take place.


At this point ask the client to pray out loud so you can hear them put this problem into God's hands. Then listen carefully to what they ask God for. What did they say their goal is? What did they tell God they want to accomplish? What is their agreement with God?

Listen carefully to their exact wording.

There are times to be flexible and times to be more structured, even legalistic.  Now is the time to be more legalistic.  You are, in effect, setting up an agreement, a contract with God.

Be ready to ask that the prayer be continued if something is left out; done again if the whole focus changes.  Now is not the time to be loose or careless in wording.


Jesus my Helper or Jesus my Healer?

People have a natural tendency to say "Lord help me with this problem." Especially if they have not been coached on the need to humbly admit that this is out of their control. In AA, or any 12 Step program, one admits to an addiction that is out of your control. You admit that you are helpless to deal with the addiction, you let go and turn it over to God.

That is the attitude we want here. We need the humble attitude of "I can't fix this." We need to admit our poverty of resources and our need to say "Lord Jesus Christ, you take charge of this problem."

Watch for this.  Be prepared to confront the "Lord help me with this problem" wording.

For example, you might ask the client, "Do you want Jesus to help you with the problem or do you want Him to take over to bring complete healing of your problem?"


Jesus Proclamation

If we want to put this problem under new management, then we proclaim "Jesus as Lord of this problem. If we want Jesus to bring us to health, then we ask Jesus to by Our Healer and Saviour.  If we want all the power and influence of darkness to be gone then we ask Jesus to be our Deliverer.

I set these up as declarations of who Jesus is. Jesus Christ, Himself, is our answer. Jesus in person not just what He does for us.  He is  the Way, the Truth and the Life. We want to ask Him to be our Way, our Truth and our Life. So state: "Jesus be Lord, Saviour, Healer and Deliverer of this problem area in my life. (Name to area.)

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