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Deliverance Life Transformation

Life Transformation by Deliverance from evil  © George Hartwell M.Sc., of Agape Christian Counseling

Life Transformation by deliverance is a ministry of Jesus Christ. Christian deliverance is released by a deliverance prayer encounter. The focus and attention is on our Lord Jesus Christ. It is possible to achieve deliverance from evil whith minimum attention to darkness. Jesus is asked  to do the deliverance. He delivers us from evil. With Jesus it is that simple. It is gentle - no yelling or screaming at demons. It is clean - there is no chance for further defilement by evil. It is glorious - leading one to give glory to God.

1. Jesus in between

On learning that a wrong spirit is present because of a connection with another person, invite the person to picture the two persons and then to ask Jesus to step in between.  Often a demonic spirit is present because of a close emotional tie, abusive tie, sexual tie or curses from another person.  There is an opeing created in one's connection to this other through which demons can attack or transfer. 

2. Replace the wrong spirit with Jesus' Life

When doing the healing of memories one first invites Jesus Truth to replace the negative belief.  If there remains a strong negative feeling in the memory invite Jesus as the Life to replace that feeling.

3. House Cleaning - a visual inner healing prayer

Given that  'Jesus stands at the door and knocks' invite Him in and ask Him to clean up the house. Let Him do it. Designate a room filled with the wrong feeling and ask Jesus to clean it up.  This visual inner healing allows Jesus to free your house of dark and demonic elements without classical 'bind them and cast them out' deliverance.

4.  Filling your House vs Deliverance Ministry

Casing out demons is only half of the battle, a city needs walls and forces within to keep the enemy outside the gates.  You need a sense of identity and emotional maturity in your inner man.  This is not a technique this only comes through love and live, beauty and grace.  Your spirit may have dissociated and gone into hiding.  Your spirit may be weak, small and immature and unable to stand up to assault.

If that is the case you will not do well with a deliverance ministry.  You need deep inner healing and nurturing.  This takes time and healthy relationships.

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