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Inner Healing of Issues of Self Confidence

© George Hartwell 2003

Some parents are threatened by the potential in a child. Threatened that their child may compete with them and succeed in areas where they are ashamed of their failure. Such parents can for years undermine the child's efforts: fail to praise, find fault, establish strict rules, use shame or harmful comparisons, and undermine the child's confidence.

When inner healing is done as a form of listening prayer the following steps are done prayerfully. If you make listening to God your approach to each step you can achieve greater depth and power of healing.


1.Describe a situation or endeavour where you lack self-confidence.


2.What type of situation or endeavor is this part of? 


3.What is it about this type of situation that upsets my confidence?


4.Describe in detail how you feel in this situation. Look for related and underlying feelings.


5.(Short Version) What statement or belief is behind how I feel?


6.(Long version) What memory from earlier in my life caused the same feelings? What did I feel? What seemed to be true? What did I believe? Does that thought and belief trigger the same feeling? How intense is this feeling, out of 10?


7.What is God's truth? (Secular: Listening to your intuitive wisdom now, what is true?)


8.What feeling is triggered by that truth? Receive this in your heart. Give thanks to God.


9.Imagine yourself in a situation in the future with this new belief and attitude. How does that go for you? How does that feel? What attitude and belief is helping you?


10.Either go on applying your new attitude to more situations or continue the process of healing memories.