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George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Life Transformation Therapist with over 30 years experience in seeing marriage relationships healed and individual lives transformed.

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4  Letter to God

In the "letter to God" we open up a written correspondence with God. A relationship expressed in writing - in letters. Once you write your first "Letter to God" other letters to God should follow. Plan how to keep these together in a bound notebook.

These letters can provide significant contact with God. This contact can be a great solace to you. It can begin to fill up emptiness and dispel the sting of loneliness.

Do not be afraid to express anger and frustration to God in your letter. So did the Psalmist express such. You are writing your own psalm.

Having expressed your hurts to God you will likely find that you are more open to hear from God. Even in expressing anger and frustration with God you are initiating communication. God wants our communication. God needs us to be real.

These letters can be a time to ask for what we need from God. For example we might ask: "Can you help me find purpose and focus in my life?" The Bible says we receive not because we ask not. Asking triggers a response from God. We start something be asking for help from God.

The "Letter to God" can be a good format to ask for guidance from God. Before I become involved in a project I need to ask: "Do you want me involved in this Lord?" I  expect to receive a word or feeling of God's confirmation before I move ahead.

The "Letter to God" can be a time to raise a question. You might be puzzled about something and want God's truth, insight or wisdom. Asking triggers a response from God. When you find the answer you will have record of asking the question and the answer to that question. Suddenly you find your life with God has become lively and interesting. You have answered prayers!

Because the "Letter to God" includes a 'letter from God' component, we need to talk about discernment. The mind is not the organ that God speaks to directly. He speaks 'spirit being' to 'spirit being.' We receive in our spirit and when God speaks to our spirit it is appears in our mind as a spontaneous thought, word, idea, sense, feeling or vision.After we have finished receiving all that God is saying. After we have allowed ourselves to respond to what God is saying or be nurtured by His word, then we can flip into mental mode and test by the Word. First Thessalonians 5:21 tells us to "examine everything carefully; hold on to that which is good."

The advantage of writing is that it allows us to focus on receiving what we are hearing from God. If we tried to test what we were receiving, as we received it, we would  jam our reception with doubt. However, later we can test what we have written down.

Mark Virkler defines Journaling as "writing out our prayers and God's answers." In Mark's book: "Dialogue with God," page 82, he says that journaling provides  great new freedom in hearing God's voice.

Leanne Payne, in "Listening Prayer", page 118, says: "I write out my petitions before the Lord then write down the words He sends. At times this word come as a strong impression on my thoughts; it comes as a picture&ldots;many times a word does not come but I know the answer will come in His good time and way."

May the "Letter to God" open up a rewarding dialogue with God in your life. Learn to share your heart openly with God and to listen and write down His response.


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