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People Pleasing - a sacrifice for love

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People pleasers sell their precious soul to hold on to love.  As a people pleaser, I will sacrifice my very identity to keep people happy with me.

There is idolatry here.  God is the source of our identity and when people are given the right to dictate who we are, then we have made an idol of people.  Note: God has no tolerance of idolatry.

In the shadowy unconscious of the people pleaser is deep doubt about self worth and lovability.  Deep in the heart of the people pleaser are fearful thoughts such as: I have done something wrong, I am bad, no one can love me.

To gain a place in the hearts of others the people pleaser sets out to gain approval, to avoid offence, to be perfect, to never get angry.

Fear drives some people pleasers to constantly strive, work and achieve.  These become work addicts and Type A personality.

Some, like Martha in the Bible, always serve to gain approval.  Like Martha, they miss friendship and fellowship with their over-focus on serving.

Some People Pleasers become perfectionists.  They may achieve at the top of their class until they realize that this is not bringing them love.  At that point they collapse into depression and under function.

Some compete to be better than everyone.  Even friends and family find life with this person is one grand competition.

What happens to our heart and soul when we get in the web of being a people pleaser?  Do things get better over time?  Do fears of not being loved subside?

Unfortunately this web of beliefs and self deception often gets tighter.  Without intervention the Type A Personality gets a heart attack.  The perfectionist gets a depression.  In brief, there can be serious long term implications:


Fear, anxiety

Nervous breakdown

Relationship breakdown

Loss of creativity

Identity confusion

Health problems

We need to understand the dynamics of people pleasing. Why is escape is not natural, likely or easy?  What goes on in people pleasing?



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People Pleasing - a sacrifice for love 'People pleasers sell their soul to hold on to love.'

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