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Faith of the Heart © George Hartwell M.Sc. 2002, Agape Christian Counselling, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (416) 234-1850 The Prayer Series of articles are an attempt to put into writing the principles of healthy and effective prayer. I consider developing wisdom about prayer to be one of the pinnacle achievements of the Christian walk. God bless you in your search for such wisdom.

Faith of the Heart

Let us divide the human mind into two parts. One part, which I will call the HEAD, can give us the powerful feeling of being in control. When we think and control action from our HEAD, we feel in control. We may need and like this powerful feeling of being in control. We especially need this powerful feeling of being in control when we live with an inner sense of inadequacy, helplessness, vulnerability or weakness.

However, a large part of our mind is not under are direct control. Our HEART, what psychology calls the unconscious mind, is like a stubborn child. It is quite difficult for our HEAD to control our HEART. See Romans 7. When we find that forcing the HEART does not work we look at alternatives. We learn to cooperate with our HEART mind.

Creativity cannot be forced. Memory cannot be forced. Instead we find that creativity follows when we give ourselves a break or after we are asleep. Writers who know that they cannot force inspiration learn to live with the flow of creativity.

Timothy Galway, The Inner Game of Tennis, points out that too much instruction hinders a player from playing their best game. Too much HEAD, too much thinking, spoils one's tennis game. The HEART, or unconscious mind, does a good job of controlling all the muscles required. The HEAD needs to create a clear image of the desired goal and focus on the ball. The skills of the game should be learned to the point that they are automatic. The player shouldn't be trying to tell every member of his body what to do in the midst of a game. When the HEAD is out of the way we may find ourselves playing better than normal - 'beyond ourselvess'.

The Bible uses the terms HEART and SPIRIT to refer to our real inner being - to a part of us that is central to the human personality. The Biblical concept of the human HEART and the human SPIRIT provide a rough equivalent to the modern concept of the unconscious mind. While some credit Freud with the 'discovery of the unconscious' the Biblical concepts of HEART and SPIRIT came 3,000 years before Freud in the first five books of the Bible.

The Biblical concept of the human spirit is first introduced in the creation of mankind where God's breath gave life to the first person. In Hebrew, 'wind', 'breath' and 'spirit' are the same word. That spirit gave life and if God should withdraw his spirit we would die.

I am created in the image of God - who is spirit. The real me is my spirit. When I form a sentence with the subject "I," that "I" refers to my real identity, my inner being, my human spirit. My human spirit exists whether in or out of my body, whether my body lives or dies. My spirit is eternal. (But eternity without God is not life!)

My spirit only has life if I am united with God, living in His Spirit. At creation our first parents lives in a glorious unity with the presence and Spirit of God. This unity gave eternal life in their bodies. They lived in 'resurrection' bodies. They radiated glory light. No clothing, no covering, was needed. They were one with God.

But we, in Adam and Eve, betrayed our relationship with God and made a death pact with Satan. The serpent seduced Adam and Eve with the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. Life based on 'HEAD KNOWLEDGE' meant shutting down the life-giving flow of God's presence to Adam and Eve. PRIDE chose life based on HEAD KNOWLEDGE. HEAD KNOWLEDGE meant life independent from God - trying to be 'like God.' Yes, living out of head knowledge gave a sense of power, control and independence, but at what price?

Living by HEAD KNOWLEDGE is, even now, seductive. HEAD KNOWLEDGE feels powerful but it lacks real power. HEAD KNOWLEDGE gives the feeling of being intelligent at the loss of creativity. I may enjoy the feeling of being "like God," of being independent of God, ignorant of my loss of real life and glory.

Only with humility do I recover the realization that real freedom comes in being who God created me to be. Real power comes from the presence of God, as we encounter God, while listening and obeying God. Real faith is a gift of God comes in the presence of God, as we encounter God, as we listen to God. Real healing occurs in the presence of God, as we encounter God and listen to God.

Real prayer is not based on HEAD KNOWLEDGE. Faith of the heart prayer is based on coming into the presence of God, an encounter with God, listening to God.

Real prayer is from the HEART. It starts with an open and prepared HEART. Our HEART is passionate and committed to what we are praying about. Our HEART is ready and prepared for God to answer - to see great things done by God, to see answers to our prayers.

HUMILITY rather PRIDE is the guiding attitude. That means that prayer does not control God but submits to God. That miracles come from God, even from Christ in us, but they are not of our own creation. God's Word is powerful - even God's Word in our mouth. Our own word, our own confession, even of scripture is not - unless God is behind it.

Faith of the HEART requires listening to God. In God's presence, in an encounter with God, in hearing 'God's very word spoken to me,' comes faith.

Our spirit is encouraged, our faith lifted, confident assurance comes if and when heaven responds. We hear an inner word of assurance - and know that it is guaranteed.

We feel or sense an assurance from heaven and all doubt and fear leaves. This assurance - like legal title deed - is a deep HEART knowing that our prayers have been heard.

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