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Christian Accountability Questions

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Christian accountability means asking questions of one another.  One could call this a spiritual check-up.  I suggest the following questions as guide to Christian accountability.

1.Who are you? (What is your name?) This is the fundamental question we all face.  Who am I? What names/labels/descriptors do I identify with?  When you are introducing yourself what slips easily off your tongue?


2.What is the prime focus and consideration that lies underneath every decision of your life?  


3.What brings joy to your life?  Define 'joy' as a sense of reward/satisfaction/pleasure so powerful that you would sacrifice other rewards, satisfactions and pleasures for this one reward.


4.What are you 'laying down your life' for?  Is anything more important your reputation, your being called holy, your being seen as a 'good Christian?' What do you sacrifice your own personal rewards and gains for?


5.Whose approval or disapproval is most significant to you?  Whose voice is in your head?  Whose censure would you fear enough to compromise what seems right to you?


6.What are things that you would prefer to do if things were ideal and urgent matters did not interfere?


7.What do you do to be faithful, loving and just toward your marriage partner?   


8.   What do you see as your part in producing 'godly offspring?'  



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