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Have your own Life Mission Statement

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Just then the guard on the wall spotted me. "Who are you and what is your mission?" he called out, His gun pointed at me. This was it. I knew I was a dead man. Unless I gave a simple credible answer to his question I would be shot. But who was I? What was my mission? &ldots;

Can you give a short, simple and credible answer to the question: "What is you mission in life?"

One of the principles of land warfare is to concentrate the energy of force of the attack. Does you life have this kind of focus?

I suggest you spend time playing with and generating your own life mission statement. It should be short, easy to remember, meaningful and motivating to you.

To make it meaningful and motivating I suggest you base your statement on Biblical principles and commands.

Watch for Biblical principles that relate commands to rewards. I always want your Mission Statement to include your personal motivating reward - your kingdom reward. What do I mean?

We are motivated by rewards. Rewards are experienced as pleasant experiences and good feelings. Kingdom living is characterized by rewards. I contend that the more faithful and obedient you are, the more satisfied you will feel with your life. Why is that?

God rewards us. Life in the Spirit brings rewards in the Spirit. The world has happiness but you can have joy. The world seeks to live with less stress and anxiety. You can life in peace. In the world you seek others who will like, affirm and approve you. How much more rewarding and comforting you can be in God's kingdom living in the knowledge of the depth of His unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness of you.

The world seeks happiness through more money. You can have riches in heaven. 

The rich want more money; become stingy; are anxious about losing their money. Paul learned to be content in whatever circumstance he found himself in.

Choose your reward: Love, Joy or Peace. Select a Biblical principle that tells you how this is obtained in God's kingdom and you have the basis for your Life Mission Statement. It is that easy.

Look for principles that are central to Jesus' life and ministry: the summary of the law, being a servant to others. Did Jesus state his life purpose? Did he give clues as to how he made decisions? Make this your search as you read the Bible or attend worship services.


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