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Sermon Focus - This can be used to plan a sermon or to listen to and focus the content.

 Date, church, by whom, Topic or Main Theme.  Use in a sermon focus group.

Mind Map:  (Done during the sermon by listeners, or to use while delivering or planning the sermon in advance)

Create a mind map with the topic in the middle and radiating main points at 1, 2, 3 4, 5 o'clock and 7, 8, 9 10, 11 o'clock. Points stated with main key words only.

At the top, 12 o'clock, of the Mind Map put the main character of identity of God in this sermon.

At the bottom, in the 6 o'clock space, the main identity of yourself as a believer.

A key verse can go along the bottom.


Mission Statement: Create a mission statement for your life based on this sermon. Your mission is your life focus briefly stated.


Key value or principle: What character trait, value or principle does this sermon bring out?  What scripture states this principle?


M and M: What verse would you select to memorize and meditate upon this week.


Dramatic participation: Pick a dramatic role - one of the Biblical characters - and put yourself in their place in your imagination. How do you think and feel in their place? Is there any parallel between this Biblical situation and some situation in your life?


"Is it true?" Is there some very significant truth in this sermon that you want confirmed in your heart. Pray: "Father, you seem to be saying to me ___________. Is that true?" (Listen)


"Confession and surrender."Is there some need or weakness in your life that this sermon revealed? In listening prayer open this area of your life up to God. Invite Him to come in. Turn this prayer into a dialogue by asking God to confirm this in your heart. Ask God for confirmation. For example: "Father I have asked you to come in and take care of this area of my life. Have you heard my prayer? Can I leave this in Your hands?" (Listen)


Creative Closing: Write a silent prayer type closing for this sermon. This is used at or near the end of the sermon to take the listener from mind/emotion to a person to person encounter with God.


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