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People are finding that retreats intensives are effective beyond their highest expectations. I know two marriages that were on the ropes are now enjoying the miracle of restoration.

Look to an individual retreat for personal renewal and to find your personal breakthrough. Do you feel ready to deal with your own root issues to find a way to restore your energy and passion for life?

The fact is you may well discover that an inner healing retreat in Ontario is the answer you are looking for.

Inner healing retreats bring emotional freedom quickly because there can be three to six therapy sessions per day. You save the time, cost and aggravation of travelling back and forth to therapy every week and waiting for your breakthrough.  Instead you  pack the power of cumulative inner healing sessions, or marriage therapy sessions, into a few days without interruptions.

With couples there may be a mixture of couple sessions and individual sessions. Often there can be couple sessions that deal with individual issues and bring individual healing and at the same time bring understanding, empathy and bonding to the couple relationship. Two birds with one stone!

You may discover what others have - that  a professionally lead inner healing retreat is one of the most effective ways to solve your marital problems and/or bring healing to the root of your individual personal problems. The momentum achieved can then followed up with sessions by phone or in person after the retreat.

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George's Experience with Inner Healing

Inner healing: I use the term inner healing to refer to any therapeutic method that has shown success in bringing about life transformation. Many forms of psychotherapy bring the language of insight and understanding to our emotional wounds. This enables us to become more aware of ourselves and to make new choices. Inner healing goes beyond insight, and understanding to therapeutic methods that reduce or eliminate the power of early wounds to continue to restrict our identity and behaviour.

I became a committed Christian in 1974, in part, because of my interest in discovering ways to bring emotional health to the patients that I was working with in the psychiatric facility near Red Deer Alberta. I studied Christian resources to learn about the use of prayer in inner healing. I have made use of inner healing in my 20 years of private practice in Toronto, Ontario.

One of the first professionals in Ontario to teach inner healing, I developed and taught courses in inner healing based on the work of John and Paula Sandford. Over the last 20 years I have learned from Leanne Payne, Neil Anderson and more recently from Dr. Ed Smith (TheoPhostic) and John Regier. My own formulation of Listening Prayer Therapy integrates insights from each of these pioneers into my personal inner healing methodology.

More details about finding your personal breakthrough to emotional freedom and solving marital problems at an inner healing retreat see HealMyLife.Net.

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Find your breakthrough - emotional freedom and solved marital problems - at an inner healing retreat.

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