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George Hartwell M.Sc.

Counselling Style - Safe, Gentle, Genuine Caring

My goal is to be a counselor who can be trusted to speak clearly without judgement or superiority.  I avoid the clinical superiority of labels.  I avoid the moral superiority of judgement.  I want to be there for you so that you can be yourself, so you can be safe to grow, to learn and to heal.

Gene says "George was the first therapist I had ever sat down with, and with him, I felt completely relaxed."

Ken said: "I like the fact that George is gentle, practical, has empathy and gives me hope."

Ann says: "George delivers ongoing encouragement and support to those he encounters."

Jenny felt safe and not despised as a person (previous counsellor).  She said she quite enjoyed working through issues. "Like nothing I have ever experienced before."

Amy said: "George's friendly and truly caring personality makes a great amount of difference in each session." Testimonies

Counsellor's Heart

I share your tears and your laughter. Our sessions can be relaxed and fun even while we are working in depth on serious issues.  

I care.  I answer phone calls promptly; I treat each individual fairly and respect their goals, beliefs and feelings.

I support with the wisdom of experience.  In times where it is difficult to find your own way, I can be your guide.

I bring hope. When you feel hopeless or without faith, I can bring faith, clarity and insight to your life.

I bring new perspectives.  Perspective brings laughter.  In my sessions there is laughter mixed with serious and focused work.

You may feel lost in a dark and ugly place or pattern. My job is to gets to the bottom of basic life patterns and help you find your way out.  Even captives can get free as Jesus said of himself: "I came to set the captives free."

My heart and my skills is to focus and deal with your root issues. You may know that unless you deal with your root issues you will never be free.

So often heart healing is needed but we hope that more education, more insight or more skills will be the answer. I am a therapist who deals with core beliefs lodged in early memories and often that means getting healing more quickly than typical psychotherapy.

You may feel broken right now, maybe hurt, angry, frustrated, disappointed and ready to give up. Do not give up. God has prepared my hands for battle and my heart for healing.

With the tools God has given me, called Listening Prayer Therapy," my confidence is that you, like many others, will be able to say 'my life has been transformed' or  'our marriage has been healed.' I will do my best to see that happen.

Your life can get better. Madelaine reports a session that "brought an explosion of joy and new life to my heart."

So. How am I different than the others? I get to the heart of matters; aim toward resolution and healing and work to make every session beneficial. My methods provide long lasting results.

Are there practices and approaches that I avoid? Well yes; hypnotism for one. See Christian counsellors and the use of hypnotism for my views. I avoid giving attention to Satan by using gentle deliverance vs bind and command deomons deliverence. I avoid so-called 'spiritual warfare' that binds principalities and powers. In my view there is no time when the Body of  Christ has authority to do so and doing so is as the sin of witchcraft in it's results.

In regards to my Christianity: yes, I have deep faith in God's ability to heal the broken heart and set the captives free. However, like Jesus, I am about freedom which includes freedom from legalism, religiosity and spiritual abuse. Wendy says: "I always thank God for George and how he has helped me and my family.  He is able to lead me through my confusion and distractions to an encounter with the Living God in whom there is abundant life and healing!  Praise God!"

Feeling distant from God? Many people report finding God, feeling closer to God and being more comfortable with prayer after our sessions. Brian said: "I can honestly say that I feel I was walking in darkness; that I was searching. And I believe I have learned how to pray and as a result I have stepped out of the darkness. I am very grateful."


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