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Marriage Counselling: problems in marriages, family help, marriage solutions, couple communication, marital counsel & relationship counselling, restoring trust, rebuilding relationships, pornography, focus on the family, abuse and the abusive personality, Christian marriage counsellor therapist, prayer therapy, GTA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Did you find what you need?  Please share with me what you are looking for.  What search term did you use to come to HealMyLife.com? Thanks.
You can e-mail me at: Email George Hartwell  


A. If you are looking for couple or family counselling which one of the following were your search terms:

  1.   relationship counselling
  2.    couple counselling
  3.    couple therapy
  4.    family therapy
  5.    family counselling
  6.    marriage counselling
  7.   premarraige counselling


B.  The type of marriage problem did your search involve:

  1.    relationship break down, communication, intense arguments,

  2.    infidelity, incest, jealousy

  3.    pornography, strip clubs

  4.    alcohol overuse, drug addiction, gambling

  5.    battering, abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, rage attacks, assault charges laid

  6.    breakdown of the sexual relationship, sexual dysfunction

  7.    stress, time pressure, financial pressures, health issues

  8.    power conflicts, control issues, lack of consultation, threats,

  9.    cultural, religious, value differences, different beliefs or convictions

  10.    Differences around parenting, a difficult child, blended family issues


     C. What type of individual service are you looking for?:\

    1. resolving personal obstacles to that I might achieve at a higher level in the different playing fields of my life.

    2   personal counselling - understanding of myself and others providing support and strategic counsel for coping with a life crisis.

    3   personal therapy - understanding and resolution of significant root issues of my life that may be rooted in my childhood.

    4   inner healing - resolution of significant root issues of my life that may be rooted in my childhood through prayer

    5   personal development - enhancing my personal knowledge of significant life issues

    6 Christian counseling - an approach that respects my religious values and recognizes my spiritual search

    7   self help resources - learning skills that I can use

    8   mentoring - transference of the personal skills and attitudes of a counsellor

    9   spiritual direction - dealing with the meaning of life and my relationship with God.



D. The type of individual problem your search is to solve.

   Emotional life crisis - I feel like I am in a nervous breakdown. I don't know what is going on or what is becoming of me? I am loosing my grip.

   Depression - I lack energy: energy to get moving, to make decisions, to be in intense social situations. I do feel down. I have trouble sleeping through the night.

   Stress, risk of burnout - I have been working intensely without breaks. I have not been getting my normal amount of sleep. Various responsibilities and pressures from work and interpersonal situations don't go away. There doesn't seem to be an end to it. I am loosing energy and enthusiasm for what I am doing. I really need a vacation but 

   Phobias, fears, anxiety, panic attacks - I can't get my mind off certain upsetting things. I am overwhelmed with my fears, disabled by my anxieties. My life is being effected by fear.

   Identity and esteem issues - I am not clear and confident about myself. I have trouble making decisions quickly and standing by them. People take advantage of me. I have always tried to avoid offending people. I try to be nice and please everyone.

   Addictions - I feel compelled to do things I do not want to do. I feel guilty afterwards for loosing control of this behaviour. But I think I can control it. I am going to try to lick this by myself. I feel shame about this behaviour. Secretly I am scared about this.

   Grief, painful losses - This loss seems too much. On top of my other losses. I invested so much into this and now it is all gone. I feel lost and disoriented. I am shattered.

   SuperResponsible - I have always been the one to help out and take the burden from way back in childhood. Now I feel guilty about meeting my own needs. People see me a so strong but I feel weak inside. I do not know to do with these emerging feelings of anger and sadness. Also I don't know how to play or have fun. I live with self condemnation.

   Loneliness - My partner (friend) is not able to be there for me: does not listen, seems so self-centered. I feel like I am living with a child. I long for someone who will listen to me and really care and understand. I am married but it doesn't feel like I am married.

   Emptiness - I feel like something is missing in my life. I don't seem to be able to experience lasting feelings of love or joy. I am not at peace rather feel tormented. Even when I am with people there is a disconnect - a loneliness. I feel like a little child in an adults body. Nobody understands how I feel. I don't seem to mature like a should.

   Specify another - please write in the problem you are wanting help for that is not described above. This is very important in helping this site be useful to others with your same problem. Thanks

Thanks for your help. If you would like to ask questions about services feel free to e-mail me at: Email George Hartwell

For appointments by phone or in person  call:

George Hartwell M.Sc. (416) 234-1850

For retreats or phone counselling call: (416) 234-1850 or 1 (877) 854-3990

  www.HealMyLife.net (retreats)

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