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Test Anxiety, How Do I Help a Gymnast Stop Choking in Competition?

She  was trying to complete her final year in a BA and wanted to get into graduate school; but it looked impossible. Her mind started to freeze. She could not complete assignments. Assignments were piling up and getting in late.  Thankfully, her Life Transformation Therapist understood the underlying issues, guided her through this difficult time. And the good news? She is now in graduate school and fulfilling her dreams.

Overcome your Personal Obstacles

When I work as your personal coach, you benefit from my ability to:
1.  penetrate to the root of an obstacle, addiction or emotional breakdown.
2.  Convey that understanding to you in plain and straightforward terms.
3.  Provide ways to intervene in the pattern in the short and long term.
4.  Devise core issues therapy to deal with core belief issues.
5.  Set up imaginative practice to experience a new identity or pattern at work.

Choking in Sport Competition

Suppose, you are amazing in the gym, but can't put it together at meets. Others think that you have a confidence problem. They see that you are a fantastic training gymnast; you do very well during the warm up portion of the meet, but the moment you are in front of a judge and actually performing the routine, you choke. Your father that has been very demanding of you since you were young. Your coach says: "I don't believe Mike thinks of himself as a strong gymnast, he spends a lot of time pointing out exactly who is better than him. He has big dreams and goals but the choking issue is affecting him greatly."

A more superficial approach then mine would advise you like this: "The real foundation of confidence comes from performing well repeatedly. Past success is what gives athletes the belief that they can do it today. Nothing can prevent you from drawing on past success as a confidence booster for the current competition. Recalling a good performance or an effective practice is the foundation of confidence."

As your personal coach I use Life Transformatio Therapy to understand the underlying dynamics which might include: 1. a life pattern of trying to perform and achieve to earn dad's love, acceptance and approval; 2. a core belief issue of believing such negative statements as: "I am a failure", "There is something wrong with me." and negative statements that father has hurled at you in his frustration with you in the past.

Although this can be a very stubborn pattern, Life Transformation Therapy quickly  intervenes:

  1. Removing wrong beliefs. These beleifs generate both an expectation and a fear of failure. Such beliefs and feelings are performance obstacles.

  2. Removes your need to prove yourself to dad, to prove your worth  by your performance so that you can relax and perform well and with assurance under pressure.
  3. Develop a clear vision of performing well, imagine top performance under pressure, doing well and feeling good about yourself.
  4. Consolidate a success identity based on positive beliefs.

Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can undermine your academic career. Test anxiety is when you do poorly under the pressure of a test or exam situation because your worry thoughts and anxiety levels interfere.  It is frustrating when you know the course material, can do well on assignments, but test anxiety is effecting your test and exam results.

Test anxiety pulls down your average.  Lower averages can ruin your chances to move on to graduate work or get into the university of your choice.

Test anxiety can be overcome and it is a subject I studied in graduate school at the University of Calgary.  I ran a project providing systematic desensitization of test anxiety.  The inner and emotional healing tools of Life Transformation Therapy that I have developed means that you can expect to beat this problem.

George works with professional athletes, students and others who want to achieve higher levels of performance. I will provide you with tools to  break through  your personal barriers so that you can start to achieve peak productivity. Personal coaches help you to achieve higher income, academic grades, athletic, professional and personal performance with less stress and burnout.


Academic Block or Burnout

Academic block or burnout cripples your ability to concentrate and complete work. This sudden demotivation may be related to undertaking too much work over too long of a time period. However, very often it relates to personal issues in one's life as well as self confidence and identity issues interfering with one's ability to complete work.

I have known students who have hit academic blocks that had nothing to do with their intelligence, motivation or application.  Assignments began to pile up.  Letters from professionals gathered to provide evidence of a problem that they were working on.  It looked like the student's academic career was in jeapardy.  or burnout can put a stop to your . However I have successfully coached students through this.


My counselling experience and inner healing skills help students to restore their ability to complete academic assignments. It is wise to establish an academic coaching relationship before you have serious issues with academic block or burnout. Avoiding the pit is better than dropping in it!

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Imagine a personal coach for peak life performance giving you emotional freedom to break barriers to personal productivity, income and achievement: athletic, academic, professional and sexual.

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