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Russ Parker is an Anglican priest who has been working for the Acorn Trust for 12 years, in the last 8 years as the Director of the Acorn Trust in England.

 Russ is author of a number of books, including 'Healing Dreams', 'Healing Death's Wounds' (with Michael Mitton) 'Free to Fail', 'The Wild Spirit' and Dream Stories. See below.

Dream Stories - Russ Parker

Dreams have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. In today's skeptical culture, we tend to dismiss dreams as having little or no importance. Yet in the Bible, dreams and visions were seen as powerful ways in which God communicated with His people. This book takes a look at how God speaks through dreams, from Jacob's dream at Bethel to Paul's night-time vision calling him to Macedonia. Russ Parker draws on 20 years experience of pastoral ministry and examines these stories, showing how God still speaks to us through our dreams, bringing fresh opportunities for healing and growth.

Free to Fail, by Russ Parker


Everyone fails - including Christians who have been touched by the healing power of God. Russ Parker's compelling book explores the problems that many people have in facing up to failure and accepting its place in their spiritual life. Combining pastoral sensitivity with perceptive reflection on the Bible, Russ Parker also explores the failure in certain forms of charismatic spirituality to come to terms with the God whose strength is made perfect in weakness. What sort of God is this, whose son was abandoned to the desolate suffering of the cross? And how does this divine exposure and vulnerability help us to live with our own feelings of powerlessness and despair that arise when confronted with failure?

Forgiveness is Healing
by Russ Parker

A much acclaimed book full of practical help on how to give and receive the healing gift of forgiveness.


Healing Dreams - Russ Parker

Why do you dream? What effect do dreams have on your waking life? How do you interpret their meaning? This fascinating book throws light on what is for many of us a mysterious and sometimes disturbing part of our lives. It examines the power and purpose of dreams in our spiritual life and how they can lead us closer to God and to a deeper awareness of His will in our day-to-day lives.

Healing Wounded History
by Russ Parker

History repeats itself until we find ways to listen to it and find healing for its consequences. This book introduces the role of strategic prayer known as 'representational confession', and shows how it makes reconciliation and renewal possible for families, churches, communities, tribes and nations.


The Wild Spirit by Russ Parker


This book is on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It includes reflections on healing, prophecy, evangelism, and personal experiences of renewal. The author shows that renewal is not a hobby which Christians can enjoy in the privacy of their own churches. It means going on to the road to Calvary, being called to effective witness, public rejection, private struggles and encounter with the wonder of God

Listening, Healing and Reconciliation

A conference looking at such subjects as ‘listening for healing’ and ‘healing dreams’ amongst others, we will learn how to listen more effectively to both God and other people. As we learn how much God loves and cherishes us, our own self image will improve. As we learn to listen to others better, this will help to reconcile broken relationships and overcome barriers that occur through misunderstanding. See the Northumbrian centre of prayer for Christian Healing.

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