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Benefits to you of learning inner healing:

  • Self help benefits: Imagine using self-help inner healing for what seems like a small personal issue and discovering yourself with an in depth breakthrough of root counselling issue. Gain the skills of inner healing that you can use every day.

  • Speakers! You could learn to integrate a listen to God time into your talk. People respond well to this. Just take 3 minutes each time you speak to incorporate a focused listening time. You can learn to promote heart learning - in your audience! E-mail me for custom help with any topic. First time free. (416) 234-1850

  • Couples! You will find increased trust and deeper bonding when you learn self-help inner healing and start helping one another. This could be really rewarding!




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The Johnny Series:

  1. Seeing Jesus (below)

  2. Johnny's tidbits

Johnny's Testimony: Seeing Jesus

My 7 year old son "Johnny" had been coming home from school with tears in his eyes for a week. The kids at school had been teasing him as he was unable to keep up with the work and needed extra encouragement to complete tasks.

I often had nighttime prayers with Johnny. Having an older son and a few years of ministry under my belt, I thought I had pretty much covered it when it came to showing Jesus to my sons.

One evening, though, it struck me that Johnny had been particularly withdrawn and upset by the days concerns.

Having attended one of George's seminars a week previous, I thought it might be of benefit to apply some of the listening prayer ideas to Johnny's nighttime prayers. What did I have to lose? He was feeling overwhelmed and didn't seem to want to discuss the details of his 7 year old heart with me, maybe he would with Jesus.

Here's where God buts things into play!

That evening, as Johnny and I snuggled together during story time, Johnny (out of the seemingly blue) asks me:

"How come I can't hug Jesus? I know He's there, but I want to hug Him. I can't hug air!"

His introductory comment was a great opportunity to start.

"Well, I began, we can see Jesus and hug Him when we think of Him. We can picture Him in our minds and be right there with Him".

Sensing Johnny's hesitancy, I asked him - "was there something you wanted to tell Jesus' Johnny?" Johnny pulled the covers up close to his neck.

"Yes", he said. "I want the kids to stop picking on me and I want to ask Jesus to be with me and to show me He is there."

Now, you would have to know that Johnny is a pretty outgoing child. VERY tenacious and expressive. For him to hold back was an unusual thing.

I said - "Lets ask Him about all that then" I encouraged Johnny to think of a place were he and Jesus could talk.

Johnny stated: "I see myself sitting on a cloud in heaven and NO ONE else is there!" Johnny wanted Jesus all to himself.

"Perfect" I said. "Now imagine Jesus is coming up to you and......."

"No wait Mom!" Johnny interrupts. "what if I can't see Jesus, what if I look for him and can't find Him!"

I hadn't realized Johnny was even thinking so deeply. "He can see you Johnny, and because He loves you, you will see Him to."Smiling, Johnny and I continued;

"I see Him now Mom"

"What does Jesus do when he see's you Johnny?"

"He looks right in my eyes and says He loves me, and then He picks me up and hugs me!"

"Great", I say.

Inner healing listening prayer therapy testimony marriage counselling Mississaga Etobicoke therapy

"Ya, and now He says that he knows my name! - He says 'Hi Johnny.' "

By this time, Johnny's eyes are closed tight, and he's right in the moment. In fact, I've never seen my little boy so focused.

Johnny was smiling under the covers, clearly loving the experience.

After a quiet pause, I began to ask Johnny to tell me more.. I got a dirty look for interrupting.

"He's still talking to me Mom." "uh, ok" ...a pause.... "Johnny?"......

"hang on Mom" After a minute Johnny opened his eyes wide: "Jesus says I don't have to be afraid of the kids. They just don't understand."

"Understand what?", I replied.

"That its not nice to pick on people with bad eyes."

It had been a few weeks now that Johnny had been mentioning problems with his eyes. Being that we know our outgoing boy was a great dramatist, my husband and I didn't take Johnny's complaints that seriously.

But here he was, mentioning it in his conversation with Jesus! There could be no doubt now. An eye test was in order.

By the time the prayers with Johnny were through, Johnny was not only convinced that Jesus was present with him. But Jesus also fought the bigger battles...and in grand Johnny style, my son also announced that Jesus was going to kick evil out of the world one day.

For Johnny, I think this was a way of God showing him whose in control and that he had nothing to fear.

As for his eyesight. I can understand why he thought "seeing Jesus" would be a problem. A week later Johnny was diagnosed with an acute lazy eye. His vision in his left eye was almost nil. It was barely noticeable except with proper tests.

Johnny now has a great set of specks. And, yes ...

Today he see's Jesus VERY clearly!      

Johnny and Mom!                            TOP

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Jnue 5, 2004 "How does Inner Healing fit with Patrick's Celtic Christianity and the emerging postmodern church?"

We learned:

  1. How Inner Healing got started.

  2. What is new in the Third Generation of Inner Healing?

  3. What innovations are present in Listening Prayer Therapy?

  4. Where does Inner Healing fit in Christian Formation in the Patrick Celtic Model?

  5. How does Listening Prayer Therapy fit into the worldview of the New Kind of Christian emerging in the Post Modern world?

  6. How are generational issues dealt with in Listening Prayer Therapy?

  7. How are curses broken with Listening Prayer Therapy?

  8. How to break spiritual transference (soul ties) with Listening Prayer Therapy?

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