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George Hartwell MSc. bringing inner and emotional healing to individuals and couples for 30 years.

George Hartwell M.Sc.






Accountability: I report to a Board of Reference of persons of repute who know me personally and professionaly.  You can contact them before contacting me to check things out.  You can report problems to them if you have concerns.  I am accountable to them and meet with them at an annual Board of Reference meeting.

Education: I hold a masters degree in counselling from the University of Calgary.  His graduate studies followed four years practical experience in one of Alberta's primary mental health facilities.  This means that George received hands on experience before academic studies.  With him academics, psychology and clinical theory must be proved in experience and fit with good theology.  See caveat re Psychology or psychological services.

Style: Clients appreciate George's loving, nonjudgemental attitude and his fairness.  When appropriate George can be prayerful during sessions, or listen, set up skill practice or provide insight.  Practical experience means that George has had a lot of time to discover what works for different clients.  Some of this came from my Christian counselling mentors.

Testimonies: The kind of benefits people report from sessions with George is shown in their testimonies: What clients sayClient Testimonies  Clients find that George's insights are accurate and therapeutic benefits often exceed expectations.
      There is also feedback from professionals.  See what professionals report about an intensive marriage retreat.

Clinical experience: of over 30 years: 4 years in Psychology at Alberta Hospital Ponoka, 3 years family counsellor with Preventive Social Services, Athabasca, Alberta.  In private practice since 1983.  See George's Resume.
With experience knowledge, discernment and wisdom build so George can focus on the issues quickly and not be easily  mislead. 

Professional association: George is a member of the OACCPP - Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists.  He holds liability insurance through a group policy with OACCPP. He has applied to be a member of the Ontario College of Psychotherapy.

Recent Professional Training: George recently completed training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (one week) with Sue Johnson and is applying this focus in his couple work.  (I love the focus on bonding and attachment in marriage that is focused on with EFT.)

Family:  Is married with two (grown) sons and two grandchildren.  George grew up as the oldest of six children in Toronto and Mississauga. At present, George is an active participamt in a household raising two teenage boys in Mississauga.

Man of God: George grew up with an interest in spiritual things, attended church, youth group, Bible study at Applewood United Church. 

Community Leadership:  Whether at church, in boy Scouts, at High School, university or in the Christian community, George has been found taking leadership positions.  For details about my life story see: personal and family background.  For a layout of my resume see: resume.

Testimonies to George's work:  Testimonies from clients are on the site.  Members of the Board of Reference can give testimony of George' work based on either first hand observation or first hand reports.  Also Rev. Paul White was able to closely observe my work with a couple they knew.  You can read their report here: Life Transformation Christian Retreat.

George's writing:  another way to learn about George is to check through his articles

Even more information:  about George Hartwell's Style of counselling see About George Hartwell as a Christian counsellor and Mentors and resume.

Caveat re Psychology or psychological services.

According to the Psychology Act, 1991, no person other than a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario may use the title "psychologist."  Mr. Hartwell is not a member of the college and may not hold himself out as a Psychologist.  Mr. Hartwell may use the title of counsellor or therapist but not psychologist or Christian psychologist. 

Similarly, Mr. Hartwell may not use the word "psychological" in describing the services he offer.  Therefore, let it be understood that Mr. Hartwell does not provide psychological services or Christian psychological services.

For insurance purposes this means that most insurance policies will not cover services provided by Mr. Hartwell because he is not a registered psychologist in Ontario or a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


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