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7 Components of Heal My Life Prayer Encounters

© "7 Components of Heal My Life Prayer Encounters"  is by George Hartwell M.Sc., all rights reserved, June 2006

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7 Components of Heal My Life Prayer Encounters 

How to craft a Prayer Encounter using the 7 Components of a healing encounter with God: 

  1. Invocation

  2. Identify the Problem Issue
  3. Declaration of Intent
  4. Proclamation of who is in charge of the process
  5. Forgiveness Scene
  6. Set the Scene
  7. Consolidation of Identity

1.  Identify the Problem Issue

This is all part of goal clarification.  Goal clarification is important at the initiation of every set of counselling sessions. 

2.  Invocation

Start a session with prayer inviting God's presence, protection and guidance. A time of sharing helps you to find the focus. Be sure to find out what the person wants to change in their life. More on Invocation.

3.  Declaration of Intent

Have the person state to God what they would like to have cleaned up in their life. More at Declaration of Intent

4.  Proclamation of who is in charge of the process

Have the person declare that Jesus in charge and that He is Lord, Healer, Savior and Deliverer. Especially do this if the person prays for God to "help" them with their problem.  See Jesus Proclomation.

5.  Forgiveness Scene

A.If it is appropriate ask the person to ask God for forgiveness for their part in this problem. (Only if it is clear to them that this would be appropriate.)

B.It may help the person to picture himself or herself with Jesus asking for forgiveness and asking him "Do you forgive me?" Have them notice His response and report this to you. Tell them whenever they put a prayer into picture form to wait for the response and to report to you what is happening.

6.  Set the Scene

Translating the stated problem into a picture always helps engage the Healing presence of Jesus. Talk to them about what picture would work for them to put this need into picture form. Have them do it and tell you what happens.

7.  Consolidation of Identity

After any inner healing ask them to report on their feelings. Deepen the experience and report of positive feelings. Have positive feelings stated as "I am -----" statements to state the new identity. Ask them what it would be like to life their life with these feelings and this new sense of who they are. Ask them to imagine a day in their life with these feelings. Does this picture come clear and how does it feel? Also picture a week, a month and 3 months with these feelings and this new identity. Have them write down the "I am" statements to review daily and to start each day be imaging what it would be like in this new identity.