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George Hartwell M.Sc.

Christian Inner Healing and Patrick's Celtic Christianity

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1. Where does Inner Healing fit in Christian Formation in the Patrick Celtic Model?

·Each one in the Christian community is able to welcome a seeker, converse and pray with them.

·Celtic Christianity was full of prayer.

·Celtic Christianity made full use of the visual and the imagination in art and prayer.

2. How does Christian Inner Healing fit into the worldview of the New Kind of Christian emerging in the Post Modern world?

·The post-modern Christian is more interested in experience than intellectual argument and rational presentations about God.

·Listening prayer allows one to experience God in one's imagination which becomes a way to see and hear Jesus.

·Since imagined experience registers as real experience one now has seen and heard the Risen Christ.

3. How are generational issues dealt with in Listening Prayer Therapy (Christian Inner Healing)?

·Imagine a storehouse of all the treasures of one's family and ask Jesus to take one on a tour of the storehouse.

·Ask Jesus to remove those items that are not good to have in the storehouse.

·Let Jesus show you the good things that are in the storehouse.

4. How are curses broken with Listening Prayer Therapy (Christian Inner Healing)?

·Imagine the encounter when the curse was spoken and ask Jesus to come in between you and the person speaking the curse so that all spiritual transference of spirits is broken. Check how that is for the person.

·Ask Jesus for His truth to replace the curse.

5. How to break spiritual transference (soul ties) with Listening Prayer Therapy (Christian Inner Healing)?

·Imagine you and the person and see how that feels.

·Ask Jesus to come in to the picture and come between the two of you so as to cut all unhealthy spiritual ties.

·See how that is for the person.

6. What are some other forms of deliverance in Listening Prayer Therapy (Christian Inner Healing)?

·Imagine one's life as a house and ask Jesus to come into the house to do a house cleaning especially in the room that represents the wrong spirit (like SHAME).

·Invite Jesus to come in with His life and replace the wrong spirit with His Life.

Transforming Church

For the church to be salt and light of the Kingdom of God it must first have a culture that transforms individuals. One's experience within a "Transforming Church" will be so a radically transforming, that persons become, in turn, transforming a 'salt and light for the Kingdom of God' presence in their broader culture.

Evangelical Communities

St. Patrick innovated a new form of evangelism when he responded a call to reach the Irish for Christ. He established a community alongside an Irish settlement. A wholesome way of life was lived out within the boundaries of this community. This evangelical  community had the purpose of outreach through its relationships with the nearby settlement, yet it lived out a full family and city life within its walls.

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