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George Hartwell M.Sc.

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 Christian Inner Healing in times of Death, Loss, Grief and Mourning  © George Hartwell M.Sc., 2003

Key Scripture: "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4.

You have experienced a death or loss. Sorrow is in your spirit. You weep and mourn. In grief we need comfort. A good comforter is one who comes alongside us during grief, loss and mourning with empathy and understanding. The best comforter is Jesus.

Christian grief counselling (counseling)

A good Listening Prayer Therapist is also good Christian grief counsellor. Why? Because the Listening Prayer Therapist functionning as a Christian grief counselor will take you straight to the best comforter there is - that is Jesus and the Holy Spirit - and help you to access divine comfort.

I have discovered that when Jesus says: "Blessed are you that mourn," He puts the resources of heaven there to comfort you." You get the very best grief counselling when you go to The Comforter.

The Christian grief counsellor will allow you to experience and express your grief. When your heart remembers losses there are feelings. There are tears. It is okay to cry; to express your feelings. By doing so in a prayer encounter you can experience the presence and comfort of Jesus. He is comfortable to be with. He understands and loves you. He is a listener.

When Jesus says: "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted," he is also aying that expression of your grief  - in tears, words, recall - is a way to be open to, ask for and receive comfort. Jesus is saying "Ask, and you will receive."

It may be important to tell Jesus: "I need you to be my comforter." In counselling the counsellor can express this request. We receive when we ask. "Ask and you will receive." Comfort is what is needed in times of death, loss, grief and mourning.

 Remember that the dialogue with Jesus must be from your heart. Express your feelings from your heart. Be honest, direct and personal. Do not try to control the process by active thinking, doubting and analyzing. This is not the way to encounter the risen Christ. In Luke the risen Christ says: "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your minds?" The risen Christ says to Thomas: "Stop doubting and believe." So let your mind observe - see, hear and sense - what is happening, but stay open and ready to encounter the risen Christ in your spirit.

 It will help to picture a place where you can be safe and comfortable in meeting with Jesus. Picture yourself in that safe place talking with Jesus. Tell him what you have lost. Tell him how you feel. Share with him your heart feelings.

Notice what Jesus does. Jesus has love and understanding. He will usually listen. You may feel him comfort you. It is okay to cry. Crying lets the sad out of you. Crying lets you experience the reality of you. With Jesus you are safe. You can be yourself.

When you have gotten it all out - the words said, the tears shed - be still. Notice what happens. Let your heart be comforted by Jesus. Listen to any confirming verse, thought or melody that comes to your mind.

Notice how you feel. Let the good feelings sink in. Stay a while with Jesus. This is your time - let your heart receive. Let both the feelings sink into your heart. While still experiencing your heart feelings ask yourself: "What is true? What have I learned?" Be still to let that message sink in to your heart.

Give thanks to God. Make note of what happened. Review, recall and mediate upon the words of Jesus to you and remember his comfort.