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George holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical psychology. (However, I am not a registered Psychologist.)  He practices as a counselor and therapist.

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Listening Prayer Therapy

Listening Prayer Therapy

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Christian Listening Prayer Therapy

Christian Listening Prayer Therapy

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You may want to learn more about Listening Prayer Therapy or find a Christian counselor who uses Listening Prayer Therapy. 

The name of Leanne Payne is highly associated with Listening Prayer Therapy.  She writes and teaches on the topic.  In her books she describes some of the prayers she uses.  Beyond this, she did not undertake a fuller description of listening prayer within professional Christian counseling. 

I am not aware that anyone has written a definitive manual or book on the use of Listening Prayer in therapy.  I can outline the method I use.  I am willing to intruct others in the use of this method.  However, others may develop other interpretations and methodologies.

In my mind, Ed Smith has had a significant impact on the implimentation of Listening Prayer in Christian inner healing.  He does outline a method called TheoPhostic. Some principles from Smith must be adopted if Listening Prayer Therapy is to be as effective as it can be

Agnes Sanford taught some principles of effective prayer that are important.  I adopt from what I have learned from her about prayer in all that I do.

I use the best from such sources.  I try to find the fundamental principles and the core effective methods. The wisdom gained from experience and the vaules learned from wise mentors means that I shape what I adopt into my own approach.  I discard some of what is presented if it soes not witness to my spirit, to biblical or psychological wisdom or fit the values learned from godly mentors.

On I will give a definition of prayer therapy and discuss the listening attitude to prayer.

One essential of my approach to inner healing prayer therapy is many tools and methods so that one has flexibility to adopt to individual styles of listening and learning.  I look for basic principles rather than a fixed protocol for the same reason.

There are testimonies about listening prayer therapy from my healing teaching mission to Scotland.  There is a professional observation of Listening prayer therapy as part of an intensive marriage retreat.

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