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Types of Curses

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Types of Curses

© George Hartwell M.Sc., 2008, all rights reserved

They come in many types but all curses limit  life, discourage and cause harm.  Those that curse not only harm others; they also harm themselves.  With our negative self talk we can also curse ourselves.  

The curses of others may be harming you.  The prayers of others, as I will outline, can harm you.  The vindictive talk and hostile attitudes of others can also bring harm.  Praying - so called spiritual warfare - if directed against Principalities and Powersm, or railing against Satan, can and does bring great harm to Christians.

To gain in spiritual, emotional, financial and spiritual health you must stop formal and informal cursing, learn to pray constructive prayers, gain a merciful forgiving heart and repent of some dangerous practices being taught as 'spiritual warfare.'

In addition, you must learn to shield yourself from the curses of others if you recognize it and take effectively take authority over it.  You can recognize the ways you are cursing yourself and learn to bless, not curse.  You must set up protection on a daily consistent basis.

We need to release the Bride of Christ from all the binding judgments, judgmental attitudes and harmful spiritual forces released if we pray the problem, pray in unbelief, pray in prideful arrogance or pray to control others.  Put yourself in the place of Jesus speaking to the crowd around the newly resurrected Lazarus and telling them to "Loose him and let him go."

Loosing one another from all these binding forces will produce a lot of life.  We will see the Spirit flow and the Kingdom of God come when we enter into this love and freedom.

Different Forms of Curses

Intentional Witchcraft

The impact of intentional witchcraft can be real and powerful.  A witch puts a lot of craft, hard work and, sometimes, evil intent, into creating this curse.  These need to be intercepted and nullified.  Do not assume protection.  Learn how to set up protection and to break curses. 

One of the dangers of creating curses is that there is a backlash against the one who crafts them.  Both parties become  bound and oppressed.  The one who creates darkness   becomes entangled in death, fear and evil.  Curses can and do boomerang upon the one who sends them.

Do not use occult arts or magic  to break a curse.  Do not turn to practicing withces or sorcerers to break the power of the curse.  Do not curse the curser as this will just bind you and them further.  It might be helpful to locate any cursed objects in your home; pray the blood of Jesus over them and then destroy them.

By the way, the reason to bless the one who curses us may be that curses that cannot be fulfilled against their intended object return to sender. 

If you are a pastor or significant public figure you may be the target of these dark missles.  Witches may consider it a challenge to 'take down' a Christian minister.  You want to be aware of the division and oppression caused by such curses.  Learn how to break their power and establish protection.  Learn how to pray.

Witches will infiltrate a church to bring it down and the first step is to dismantle any existing and effective prayer.  What better position to dismantle and redirect prayer that by becoming the prayer leader?!  Be on the alert for a Jezebel spirit and do not want to put such a one as the head of your church prayer group.   This is why you need people around you with a prophetic gifting.

You need to test the fruits of a person's ministry.  Do not get suckered by self-report, great resumes and a good presentation.  Check references.  Discover actual history of participation in other churches.  Are these churches in turmoil or have division?  Look for evidence and talk to the people she know the history.  Are people built up by this person or controlled.  Is there love in their spirit?

Negative or 'Witchcraft' Prayer

Prayers not generated by a loving heart can act like curses.  For example, when one prays to control another you are moving into witchcraft prayer.  Controlling prayers like: "Make our pastor notice me" are witchcraft prayers

Praying the Problem

Prayers that focus word and image on problem and not solution act as curses.  God does not a need our diagnosis of the problem nor does He need a a detailed description of a person's illness.  It does not generate faith for 8 people in group to repeat the person's illness, diagnosis, problem etc.  That is Praying the Problem.  'Praying the Problem' acts like a curse. 

Praying your Fears

It is not effective to pray describing what you don't want to have happen in the form of "Please God do not let Johnny fall down today and bang his head again."  Faith must focus on the desired outcome.  What do you want to have happen?  Pray the positive outcome.  Praying fears makes the feared outcome more real to your heart and imagination and your prayer power goes to work to create the feared outcome.  Praying your fears acts like a curse.

What is better?  You step up to tea off at the golf course and say: 1. "Where is the water?  I hate water.  Is there any water on this hole I want to avoid that for sure!" or 2.  "Where is the flag?  I want to focus on the goal of getting to the flag.  Has anyone every got a hole in one on this hole?"  It is important where you focus your imagination because the body follows the imagination.  Well so does your faith.  It follows the words and pictures you create so create positive images of wholeness and success.

Remember you do not want people who pray like this to pray for you.  Destructive prayers cause oppression.  These kinds of prayers will hinder rather then help you.  You will need to treat any such prayers as curses and take authority over them.

Spoken Curses

A spoken curse is any negative word spoken about or at a person with feeling - especially feelings of hatred (bitterness, resentment).  Jesus and Bible writers warned us that we can destroy each others with our words.  This is not intentional witchcraft it is lazy evil speaking: abusive speech, unloving speech, unforgiving speech, blaming speech, judgmental speech, slanderous speech, gossip, and disrespectful speech.

Unspoken Curses

Take the thoughts and imaginations expressed in our lazy evil speaking, and set it into our unconscious mind (Heart) and you have an unexpressed curse - a bitter heart attitude.  The supernatural power generated by the bitter heart attitude acts just like a curse to bind both the sender and receiver.

Curses come in many forms but the damage is the same.

Oppressive forces bind your life when others curse you.

You also bind your own life when you curse others.

You may speak against yourself in a judgmental and abusive voice and curse yourself.

Spiritual Warfare Curses

You can create the symptoms of being under a curse with unhealthy spiritual warfare.  (See Jackson, John Paul, Needless Casualities of War.)

The symptoms of unhealthy spiritual warfare include poverty, ill health and broken relationships.  It 'feels like' you are under a curse when opportunities seem to be robbed from you.  Not only individuals but also churches and communities can create division and other bad fruit by practicing unhealthy spiritual warfare.  

If you ever engage, bind or take authority over  Satan or Princes of the air - Principalities and Powers - you will expose yourself to attack from the enemy, you your family and your supply lines of health, finances and othe godly provision and grace.

The fruit of this kind of prayer will be the following:

1.  Loss of job and income,

2.  Just ready to get a job and you miss it,

3.  Good things are ready to happen but something bad interferes,

4.  Repeated 'bad luck' - accidents, illness, etc.

5.  Never seem to be able to hold onto money.

6.  Broken relationships with children or spouse.

7.  Ill health.

So called 'Spiritual Warfare' prayers is a major cause of oppression in people that contact me about curses.  By naming Satan we empower, call upon him.  Better to draw near to God in worship and praise.  You have been wrongly taught that you (or a group of you) have any business taking on higher level spiritual warfare.  You are ground troops under orders from the Lord of Hosts.  You do not command Him.  You do not command angels.  Do not take authority over Satan or Principalities or Powers under any circumstance!

(Deliverance is hand to hand ground level combat.  That is another matter.)

Blessing can release great and growing goodness into your life and that of others.  Learn to bless, affirm and encourage.

 © copywrite George Hartwell, 2008.  All rights reserved.

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