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How I use 'Journey' in Life Transformation Therapy and Christian inner healing.

1.  Inspired by the 'Journey' of Brandon Bays, one can use a session to move from one pool of deep feeling to another.  The therapist encourages the client to experience the feeling without limiting, judging or controlling it.  This helps the client to accept themselves and their feelings and thus overcoming shame.

2.  Encouraged by the theory of emotions that thinking (belief, cognition) drives feeling, discover what thought is associated with this feeling.

3.  Given the focus of Life Transformation Therapy on Core Identity, attempt to begin the Life Transformation Journey with a common understanding of the key identity issues that are the focus of this session.

4.  The benefits of the Life Transformation Journey:

5.  Life Transformation and the Journey Breakthrough

6.  Listening Prayer Therapy and the Journey Breakthrough

7.  Consolidation of the New Identity



Although Journey is not taught within a Christian perspective, I believe the overall revelation of working with core feelings to bring healing is valid and true - a God revelation.

I use the method in modified form within a counselling session whenever it seems that my client is overwhelmed by a variety of feelings.  It may be a short part of an overall sessions.  I track through their feelings one at a time. Then I may come back over the material and do such things as:

  1. What message is this feeling giving.  This is done by putting the feeling in a sentence.  For example, "I am angry that ___."

  2. I may set up a truth encounter where we ask Jesus for his truth in regard to what the feeling is saying. 

  3. I may set up a listening prayer time where they prayerfully share their feelings with Jesus and wait to receive his truth and comfort.

  4. I may have them imagine releasing their feelings into a lake representing God's love and peace. 

I am interested in identity transformation and will often set 'Journey' within that context.


I would be glad to provide a few sessions by phone for you to go through this process.  Phone appointments are 60 minutes. Payment can be made by credit card using PayPal or be mailing a cheque to me.  Appointments can be booked  by phoning (416) 234-1850 or E-mail .

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