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Fees for sessions with George

In Person Life Transformation Therapy and counselling ($120 / in person session)

Sessions with George Hartwell M.Sc. - the developer of Life Transformation Therapy - are $150 Canadian per 90 minute session.  I work with 90 minute sessions for Life Transformation Therapy and for work with couples - marital therapy, marriage and family counselling.

Individual sessions with George combine a clinical interview to understand the key issues with therapeutic interventions to deal with core beliefs, life patterns, and identity issues so that you can move quicly toward a positive breakthrough in your life (usually significant changes are obvious within in 8 to 12 sessions).

Couple sessions with George make use of his years of clinical experience to identify key marital issues and support the healthy development of individuation, communication, conflict resolution, listening to one another, developing a sense of the marital mission, establish marriage values and boundaries, identify the difference between healthy confrontation and abuse and disrespect.  Proprietary therapeutic interventions are used to deal with core blocks to healthy couple relationships.

Premarital Counselling deals with learning communication and conflict resolution skills, establishing guidelines and a couple mission statement, understanding personality differences.  A relationship assessment - an assessment of the strong and weak aspects of the relationship - is included upon request.  Wisdom and experience tells us that issues in your relationship and in your lives that are not dealt with before marriage will rise up with added ferocity after marriage.

For phone counselling for Life Transformation Therapy and Counselling ($120 / phone session)

Sixty minute phone sessions with George Hartwell M.Sc. - Life Transformation Therapist - are $100 per session. Sixty minute sessions are standard for phone counselling. 

Half day Intensive Therapeutic Retreats with George ($360 / 3 hour day)

Five day therapeutic mini-retreat in Toronto @ $100 per hour.

The intensive mini-retreat involves 3 hours therapy per day (usual) at a cost of $300 per day.  The standard mini-retreat is five days from Monday to Friday.  These are held at my office at Dixie and Dundas in Mississauga.  Non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of total fee is required to book this time.

Full day Intensive Therapeutic Retreats with George ($720 / 6 hour day)

Full Christian Marriage or Individual Therapeutic Retreats ($720 / day)

In a full therapeutic retreat you receive 6 hours of focused therapy per day.  The cost is $600.00 (Canadian) per day.  This applies to both an individual or couple intensive retreat. Remember that your therapeutic retreats is exclusive - just you (one individual) or you (a couple) is present in the session with George.

In planning for your Intensive Christian Therapeutic Retreat not at my office but at a retreat center, remember there are costs for the clients and therapist at the retreat location for meeting, meals and accomodation.   Retreats may be from the minimum two days up to five days of therapeutic individual or marital retreat.  They may be held in Toronto or at an Ontario Retreat center or suitable Bed and Breakfast out of the city with meeting room facilities.

Retreat or Seminar with George at Your Location ($720 / day) plus travel honorarium.

A Retreat in Your Location involves a travel honorarium based on estimated dedicated travel time.  Travel and lodging is covered at your expense plus $600 per 6 hour day.  ($100 per hour for additional private sessions.)

It is sometimes necessary that the retreat be held in or near your location.  You may need to be near home because of a nursing infant or some other responsibility.  There may be suitable lodgings to hold a retreat.  You may want to stay there - allowing you time apart - but it is close enough to be available for emergencies or to stay in touch with young children.

In the full days, I provide six hours of therapy.  This might be done from 9:00 AM to noon and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM., which leaves the evening free if that is needed. 

This provides my presence for teaching, training and therapy.



Peak performance consultant. Deal with obstacles to academic, athletic or career achievement. Gain a competative edge. Achieve your potential. Phone or in person sessions.
Think about it. The same issues that effect a person's marriage and personal life will effect their work life and their financial well being. One client found finances freed up after two sessions. His wife reported that overdue accounts were getting paid! Such is the power of heart core issues in our life.

Personal coach for peak performance

Premarital counselling. Learn conflict resolution skills, establish guidelines and a couple mission statement, understand personality differences, and how to communicate effectively.
Deal with isues in your relationship or in your lives that would interfere with your relationship.

Toronto Christian premarital Counselling counseling

Phone Counselling. Benefit from Life Transformation Therapy with a 60 minute phone session with George  from the comfort of your home.
Payment in advance by check, credit card (via Pay Pal) or bank transfer.
Fee is $120 in USD.
Clients report that my support in a 'nervous breakdown' makes a significant difference.

Christian phone counselling counseling


Toronto Office for sessions with George:

In person sessions are held in  1454 Dundas St. E., Suite 123, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, (416) 234-1850

Make arrangements in advance for PayPal credit card payments.  In person I accept cash or checks.


By Subway to the Islington Station on the Bloor West Subway and then any Mississauga bus that travels along Dundas as far as Dixie

By car you may exit off 427 and go West on Dundas.

You may exit off QEW as Dixie and go North on Dixie to Dundas then turn Left (East) on Dundas.

Cancellation Policy

The full fee is charged for missed appointments and appointments cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment.

The non-refundable deposit for retreats is 1/3 of the total cost. Balance due on arrival at the retreat.  The deposit is not returned if you do not attend but these funds are available to you for one year for you to apply as a credit toward counselling or a retreat.

Phone sessions are paid in advance. Apointments are set when the payment is received. Payment by PayPal is preferred because it is a quick transaction and your credit card details remain confidential.

Privacy policy: your information is confidential never given or sold to any other. Your personal information is kept confidential in accordance with professional codes of counselling ethics. The exceptions: 1)  Professional supervision - professionals may be given some details to improve service, 2) Children at risk of abuse or neglect - by law they must be protected, 3)  A person's life is in danger, 4)  The requirements of the justice system - eg, a court order.

Your testimony is appreciated, but this, or any other material, is only used with your permission.

Snoopy develops self-help resources by reading self-help articles on website

Complaints and Quality Control:

My Board of Reference helps assure you that you will receive high quality professional therapy from a trusted counsellor who they know and meet with. Please let them know how your retreat, phone sessions or in person sessions went. You can take complaints or concerns to them if you are not satisfied with something or cannot resolve something with me.

You may receive contact from a member of the Board of Reference by phone or in writing after a retreat or six sessions of therapy for a quality control evaluation. Honest feedback helps me to serve you and others better. Thanks for your cooperation. George

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